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Journal Club: Starlings on Prozac: How pharmaceuticals may affect wildlife

SUMMARY: Recent research suggests that the commonly prescribed psychiatric drug, Prozac, occurs at environmentally relevant concentrations that can significantly alter behaviour and physiology in wild birds A study recently published in the peer-reviewed journal, Current Biology, revealed that some psychiatric … Continue reading

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Journal Club: Birds identify good nuts by listening to them

SUMMARY: Wild birds identify “good” seeds without first opening the shells by weighing them and by listening to the sound produced when clicking their beaks on the shell, according to a recent study A previous study suggested that birds prefer … Continue reading

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Journal Club: Birdfeeding favours non-native bird species

SUMMARY: Feeding urban birds on bread and seed encourages high densities of introduced bird species at the expense of native species, thereby altering bird communities in cities, according to a new study Feeding wild birds is a hugely popular pastime … Continue reading

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