Concisus Vitae

About the author

“GrrlScientist” is the blog pseudonym for a female evolutionary biologist/ornithologist and aviculturist who writes about E3: evolution, ecology and ethology, and the subtle relationships between these phenomena, especially in birds. She also is a proud member of that vast liberal conspiracy that your mother warned you about.

About this blog

This blog was started long ago as a collection site and mirror for all material written by GrrlScientist and previously published on other sites scattered around the internet. It was neglected when it appeared that things had improved online. However, circumstances have recently (April 2015) become unpleasant, suggesting that I begin working diligently on this site once again. So here I am.

All written material on this site is the copyright of the authors and may not be reproduced, misquoted or redistributed without the authors’ written permission. (That especially includes you, Ms Heffernan!)

GrrlScientist writes a second blog, Maniraptora, at Nature Network. Maniraptora is now in its waning days, signified by the fact that some of the code that supports that network remains broken. Of course, members of that network are not allowed to poke around in the code, so it’s unlikely to be fixed anytime soon. Maniraptora was started as a mirror for her now-defunct ScienceBlogs site, Living the Scientific Life (Scientist, Interrupted). Maniraptora’s birth was traumatic, a response to the unhappy tumultuous times created by working at a company headed by a thin-skinned self-indulgent money-whoring sycophant with delusions of godhood.

Advertising, funding, compensation

GrrlScientist happily receives review copies of books from publishers or authors who wish her to read and review them in the print or online media.

About the banner

Photograph (sadly uncredited) of a black-capped lory, Lorius lory, a nectar-feeding parrot species found in lowland rainforests on New Guinea, an island in the south Pacific Ocean.


1 Response to Concisus Vitae

  1. one can’t be too careful when they work at a company headed by a thin-skinned self-indulgent money-whoring sycophant with delusions of godhood.

    I laughed!

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