Cats are to Intelligence as Kryptonite is to Superpowers

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Image: XKCD.

I am staying with a cat named Jack in Helsinki, and of course, this means I am redicovering something about cats I’d forgotten, but this phenomenon is well-established scientifically, as you can see from the graph above.


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0 Responses to Cats are to Intelligence as Kryptonite is to Superpowers

  1. Skysinger says:

    FYI – that image is not orphaned – it is from xkcd. See here:

  2. Hexapodium says:

    The image is from
    More on-topically, I live with two cats myself: I can confirm that as soon as they’re within two feet, I find myself a gibbering idiot.

  3. moopheus says:

    But they’re so cute! And fluffy! And little putty wussums. Who’s the widdle fuffy wuzzums. kitty. fuffn zzzzz.

  4. The Ridger says:

    As said, this is xkcd and since you didn’t recognize it, I recommend that you hie yourself over right away.

  5. abb3w says:

    Eh, it’s only good for a max drop of about 40 points of IQ unless the cat has been surgically implanted into the human.
    And hie yourself off to XKCD only at some point when you can afford to waste three hours going through the archives.

  6. Doug Alder says:

    It’s good you understand this now. Cat’s rule the world, kittens rule the universe.

  7. Rhea Miller says:

    hahahahahaha…*blushes* i talk to my cats all the time as if they understand me. i don’t even think my cats get as close to me as they do in the graph, does that mean my intelligence is lower to start with?? Hmmmmmm……