Tajj, the Talking Ringnecked Parakeet

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This video shows Tajj, a male Ringneck parakeet talking with his human. Ring-necked parakeets are also known as Rose-Ringed Parrots, Psittacula krameri, due to the colorful ring on the males’ neck. There are four subspecies, distinguished mostly by size, that originate from regions in both India and Africa. This is a sweet video that shows the affection that can develop between a parrot and his human [1:17]


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grrlscientist is the pseudonym of an evolutionary biologist and ornithologist who writes about evolution, ethology, and ecology, especially in birds. After earning a degree in microbiology (thesis focus: virology) and working at the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center in Seattle, she earned her PhD in zoology from the University of Washington in Seattle, where she studied the molecular correlates of testosterone and behaviour in white-crowned sparrows. She then worked a Chapman Postdoctoral Fellow at the American Museum of Natural History in New York City, where she studied the speciation and distribution of lories and other parrots throughout the South Pacific Islands. A discarded scientist, she returned to her roots: writing. Formerly hosted by The Guardian (UK), she now writes about science for Forbes and for the non-profit think tank, the Evolution Institute and she writes podcasts for BirdNote Radio. An avid lifelong birder and aviculturist, she lives with a flock of songbirds and parrots somewhere in Germany.
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  1. josiey says:

    Nice video! ME and my son are thinking of getting a parakeet!