Sarah Palin: How can you tell she's lying? Her lips are moving

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Sarah Palin cannot tell the truth if you held a moose gun to her head, and she proves it while standing in front of her own fellow morons, spouting lies that can easily be proven wrong. Do we want a lying misogynistic asshole like this in the White House, representing this nation to the world? [3:48]


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0 Responses to Sarah Palin: How can you tell she's lying? Her lips are moving

  1. Anon says:

    I have no use for Sarah Palin, but I wanted to comment on your teaser “Sarah Palin: Living proof that brains and beauty mix just as well as oil and water.”
    If your intent was to say that they are orthogonal or unrelated, I agree completely; if, however, you meant that they were negatively correlated, I could offer you any number of disconfirming examples.