Sarah Palin: Excuses for Spending $150K on clothes and shit

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Sarah Palin has ten excuses for why the American people should not be offended that she spent $150,000 on new clothes and shoes and hair cuts and expensive shit like that when we are losing our jobs, our health insurance, and our houses [1:21]


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0 Responses to Sarah Palin: Excuses for Spending $150K on clothes and shit

  1. Chris H. says:

    In last week’s “Wait, Wait, don’t tell me!” ( … caution, contains comedy) there was a comment that some reporters went into the a mentioned store to find out how the money was spent. They were told that Palin did not shop there! So, it seems that the story may be a coverup to some other nefarious use of the money!
    The archive is not up now, but you can still download it until Nov. 2, Sunday evening.

  2. Bob O'H says:

    Ah, they mus have been buying pitbulls for all the lipstick they bought in the last shop.
    More seriously, I got the impression from the way things were phrased that the campaign sent someone out to buy the clothes for Palin: she was too busy reading the Oklahoma Daily Press.