Sarah Palin, Big Sister

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Sarah Palin wants to be our Big Sister.

At the bottom, the poster says;
War is Peace — Freedom is Slavery — Ignorance is Strength


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0 Responses to Sarah Palin, Big Sister

  1. Bob O'H says:

    Ugh. Whenever I see that face I get a barely controllable urge to sell someone a dead parrot.

  2. Anon says:

    She is speaking–on streaming video, as I write–just one town over from me. I am going to have to leave to teach in just a few minutes, but so far she seems to be well-received, if simplistic and vague in what she is saying. “Maverick” has already been mentioned… and now, dropping the phrase “voter fraud that’s goin’ on…” in the middle of a sentence that really was about the economic crisis…
    Applause appears at this point to be polite and restrained–not the wild rabble of the youtube videos.
    She sounds like a Prairie Home Companion skit.

  3. Trin Tragula says:

    She is speaking–on streaming video, as I write–just one town over from me…

    Has she reached the part where she says we need to get government out of the way of private enterprise by increasing oversight and regulation?