DonorsChoose Challenge Classroom Proposal Focus, Owl Diets

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Today’s featured project is below the fold.

This is a rural high-poverty school in North Carolina. The teacher is a bird watcher who also lives with pet birds, and she seeks to instill this love for birds into her students. In this proposal, she and her students will learn about the diets of owls by dissecting owl pellets and examining the remains of insects and bones from small animals that the owls cannot digest.

“Whooo’s in the Forest?” Part II
I teach a second grade class in a rural section of North Carolina. Almost half of our school population receives free or reduced lunch. We have many ESL (English as a Second Language) students as well.
Being a bird lover and having two pet birds myself, I want to instill this love and appreciation of these winged creatures into my students. We are fortunate to have a city park beside our school. Our class will investigate the types of birds living there and decide how we can protect and preserve their habitats for generations to come.
Part II of our “Whooo’s in the Forest?” project will allow us to take a look, literally, into the diets of birds and the animal food chain. We will need owl pellets, magnifying lenses, instructional guides, and a camera to document our findings. The students will gain so much love and apprectiation for nature and particularly birds from our project. Hopefully, their knowledge and excitement will flow into their homes and into the community as well.
With the help of donors who share a common concern for children and their roles in nature, this project will become a reality. So often children and adults alike take our planet earth for granted, never stopping to realize that it all may be gone one day. Instilling my own love for birds and nature into the hearts and souls of the children I teach, will hopefully help to preserve one component of our wonderful planet.
My students need a digital camera, owl pellets to assist in the study of bird food chains, and magnifying lenses for up close viewing of the pellets. The cost of this proposal is $699, which includes shipping for any materials requested and fulfillment.
[Specific funding request PDF].

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