Rocket Man

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This is a hilarious video William Shatner doing what he does best: overacting to the point of silliness [5:00]


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0 Responses to Rocket Man

  1. Ha! I’d heard about the infamous “Rocketman” performance, but I’d never actually seen it…

  2. Kevin L. says:

    Personally, I think William Shatner’s rendition is superior to the original.

  3. stay tuned everyone, because tomorrow morning, i shall launch a counter-attack against that evil scientist who so boldly resides across the pond in the land of my fathers (finland).

  4. Bob O'H says:

    Oh Gods, they don’t have his version of Once More Into the Breach, Dear Friends on YouTube, do they?

  5. Karen James says:

    Hey Grrl, I was trying to comment on your post “Science Blogs can Advance the Academic Process” which I linked to from FriendFeed, but when I post the comment the Borg tells me the post doesn’t exist, and moreover, if I refresh your blog I don’t see it in the post stream. Did you delete it?