Evolutionists Flock To Darwin-Shaped Wall Stain

I am stuck in a McDonald’s which has the only free wifi connection I’ve been able to find in London, and made a horrifying discovery: there is a Darwin-shaped wall stain that I cannot see, nor apparently, I cannot even read about because the story is considered to be “an: “Adult/Mature Content;Humor/Jokes.” So it is your job, my peeps, to read this story and tell me about it (I will be checking on my blog one last time tomorrow morning before I depart for NYC).


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grrlscientist is the pseudonym of an evolutionary biologist and ornithologist who writes about evolution, ethology, and ecology, especially in birds. After earning a degree in microbiology (thesis focus: virology) and working at the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center in Seattle, she earned her PhD in zoology from the University of Washington in Seattle, where she studied the molecular correlates of testosterone and behaviour in white-crowned sparrows. She then worked a Chapman Postdoctoral Fellow at the American Museum of Natural History in New York City, where she studied the speciation and distribution of lories and other parrots throughout the South Pacific Islands. A discarded scientist, she returned to her roots: writing. Formerly hosted by The Guardian (UK), she now writes about science for Forbes and for the non-profit think tank, the Evolution Institute and she writes podcasts for BirdNote Radio. An avid lifelong birder and aviculturist, she lives with a flock of songbirds and parrots somewhere in Germany.
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  1. benjdm says:

    It’s a story from The Onion – satire:
    “DAYTON, TN–A steady stream of devoted evolutionists continued to gather in this small Tennessee town today to witness what many believe is an image of Charles Darwin–author of The Origin Of Species and founder of the modern evolutionary movement–made manifest on a concrete wall in downtown Dayton.
    “I brought my baby to touch the wall, so that the power of Darwin can purify her genetic makeup of undesirable inherited traits,” said Darlene Freiberg, one among a growing crowd assembled here to see the mysterious stain, which appeared last Monday on one side of the Rhea County Courthouse. The building was also the location of the famed “Scopes Monkey Trial” and is widely considered one of Darwinism’s holiest sites. “Forgive me, O Charles, for ever doubting your Divine Evolution. After seeing this miracle of limestone pigmentation with my own eyes, my faith in empirical reasoning will never again be tested.”
    …Despite the enthusiasm the so-called “Darwin Smudge” has generated among the evolutionary faithful, disagreement remains as to its origin. Some believe the image is actually closer to the visage of Stephen Jay Gould, longtime columnist for Natural History magazine and originator of the theory of punctuated equilibrium, and is therefore proof of rapid cladogenesis. A smaller minority contend it is the face of Carl Sagan, and should be viewed as a warning to those nonbelievers who have not yet seen his hit PBS series Cosmos: A Personal Voyage.
    Still others have attempted to discredit the miracle entirely, claiming that there are several alternate explanations for the appearance of the unexplained discoloration.
    “It’s a stain on a wall, and nothing more,” said the Rev. Clement McCoy, a professor at Oral Roberts University and prominent opponent of evolutionary theory. “Anything else is the delusional fantasy of a fanatical evolutionist mindset that sees only what it wishes to see in the hopes of validating a baseless, illogical belief system. I only hope these heretics see the error of their ways before our Most Powerful God smites them all in His vengeance.”
    I won’t quote the whole thing for copyright reasons.

  2. Larry Ayers says:

    It’s just another turn-the-tables Onion story, using Creationist jargon to describe the reactions of biologists to a wall-stain which they think resembles Charles Darwin… it’s amusing!

  3. i am so pleased! i was able to access and read this story from the Queenshead, my favorite London pub where they have free wifi and wall outlets. i guess they also allow me to download porn, too. i feel so much better now.

  4. yogi-one says:

    I immediately logged into expedia and bought my plane ticket – grabbed the wife and kid for what’s sure to be a life changing experience, and we’re at the airport now. I am so excited I haven’t been able to sleep!
    I encourage everyone to come and be converted to a life based on reality!