Mine is Bigger Than Yours!

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Whose is bigger?
Sales person, Mark (left), and Nature science blog writer, Bob O’Hara, compare their shortbreads at the famous Twinings Tea Shop in London.
Image: GrrlScientist 4 September 2008 [larger view].

I wandered London yesterday in search of all the local film sites for the Harry Potter films (more later about that, including images), but along the way, I saw the famous Twinings Tea Shop and had to get some images.

While inside, Bob and I met a sales person, Mark, who not only told us a little about the shop, but also had us sniff some of their famous teas and he also good humoredly posed for this image (above). After Bob and I explained what our quest for the day was, he gave us some directions to our next Harry Potter film site goal, but then was so kind as to walk with us to show us the film site for The Da Vinci Code where the actual Knights Templar headquarters (?) is — a movie I’ve not seen (but I have read the book).
It was a good thing that he did walk with us to show us the entrance to this amazing little place since it is easy to miss, being on the other side of a tiny passageway through a wall of shops on a busy main street, the Strand. Upon entering that alcove, it was magical, like stepping back hundreds of years in time by simply stepping through a small hole in the wall.
I will be posting my images later, after I can find a stable wifi connection, but I just wanted to thank Mark for his kindness to two travelers to make sure that we experienced this magical place in London. I would love to return to the Twinings Tea Shop for a cup of tea, especially since Mark invited us to do so, and will attempt to make it happen before I leave London.


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0 Responses to Mine is Bigger Than Yours!

  1. Nate Gains says:

    Twinings schminings. Fortnum’s tea is much better.
    You should have gone to Piccadilly.

  2. travc says:

    For Potter sites, screw London and hop the train to Edinburgh. Much more interesting city IMO (though London is cool too I guess).
    Anyway, the Elephant House cafe (where Rowling says she wrote a lot) is a nice little coffee shop… what really surprised me is that it has a view of the castle out the rear windows (which are 2 or 3 floors up due to the crazy topology). There is also a Potter street just around the corner…

  3. Apparently the site of my old uni campus (Keele) was once a Knights Templar stronghold, but I don’t think it featured in ‘The Da Vinci Code’ (I never read it or saw the film).
    I must add the Twinings Tea Shop to my list of places it see at some point, not many places are any good at parting me from my money but I’ve got a feeling I could spend a lot in there.
    All anyone really need to know about Twinings is that it’s promoted by the wonderful Stephen Fry, what more could I add.

  4. Tegumai Bopsulai, FCD says:

    Walker needs to go metric. A meter of shortbread would top both of those.

  5. SimonG says:

    Obviously the best HP location is in Gloucester. A bit awkward to visit for you, though. A shame, as I’d have offered to treat you to a pint of Old Spot. (Or do you drink girly halves? :-))

  6. Arikia says:

    Oooooh I almost got these biscuits at the duty free shop! They are tres yum!