Your Computer Keyboard is Equivalent to How Many Toilet Seats?

Okay, according to this quiz, I am having a pet overpopulation problem (equivalent to 27 toilet seats), but really, are you guys doing any better?
1,483,020How Many Germs Live On Your Keyboard?

Created by OnePlusYou


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0 Responses to Your Computer Keyboard is Equivalent to How Many Toilet Seats?

  1. locksmyth says:

    1,977,360 germs. 396 toilets. That’s not even half way to max germs, I suck at these tests.

  2. natural cynic says:

    Supposedly 471. Yeah, but you should see my toilet seat. Do slovenly habits with the keyboard correlate with slovenly habits with toilet seats?

  3. John says:

    I have 2,336,880 germs on my keyboard, according to the quiz. That’s 467 toilet seats. I wonder if they mean individuals or species of germs. I think the latter would be scarier.
    I noticed the quiz included a question about antibacterial soap. I’m not sure how the quiz handled it, but I’m pretty sure that the commercial antibacterials don’t actually kill all the germs, they just improve their resistance. So I may have 2,336,880 germs, but at least they aren’t 2,336,880 SUPERGERMS.

  4. Bob O'H says:

    2,247,000 germs, 449 toilet seats.
    There was no mention of the disinfecting effect of beer, though.

  5. Gindy says:

    1,078,560 germs or 216 toilet seats. They really hit you for not using antibacterial soap, which is stupid. The stuff works no better than regular soap. Dumb question.

  6. There are about 2,606,520 germs on your keyboard right now!
    That’s equivalent to the number of germs on 521 toilet seats.
    I’m the winner so far!

  7. Chris' Wills says:

    1,617,840 (324 toilet seats)
    Silly question the one about cleaning the computer, I don’t clean it the cleaners do.

  8. leigh says:

    I suspect the numbers are much too low, but it doesn’t matter. These numbers are used to scare people and have no real significance. There are, more or less, 10^16 bacteria in and on a person’s body, 10,000,000,000 times as many as the numbers given, About 10,000,000,000 of them are in the mouth, including important pathogens that are normally kept under control.