Happy Birthday Robin Williams

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Yesterday was Robin Williams’ 57th birthday, so I have dug up a video of him performing at the Met, back when he was still funny. There is some not safe for work language in this performance, so be sure to not share this video with your boss. Williams talks about alcohol and marijuana a lot in this video. [7:59]


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0 Responses to Happy Birthday Robin Williams

  1. MikeB says:

    I had this video for years until someone borrowed it and never returned it. Still one of his best performances, especially the part about baby ca-ca, which I totally agreed with (and found even funnier) the second I became a parent.
    Shamefully, its not available on DVD (although there is a CD available). However, a search on Google shows it to be available on torrent…
    Another classic, but with a bird theme – Bill Bailey’s ‘The Owl Song’

    (from his Bewilderness DVD).

  2. MRL says:

    Hey, he’s still funny! Did you ever see the HBO special he did a few years back?

  3. Hahaha, never seen it but it’s hilarious.