The Cost of War

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In just one tiny little second, America spends enough money to support me for six months in a lifestyle that is beyond what I have now, by killing innocent people in Iraq. Worse, this country spends more money in one minute than I’ve earned in my entire lifetime, so we can kill innocent Iraqis! DISGUSTING! PATHETIC! [1:30]

More suggestions as to what george bush and his buddies can do with that money they are wasting on slaughtering innocents.


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0 Responses to The Cost of War

  1. Ian says:

    If they’d spent that money domestically in protecting, housing, feeding and educating everyone to an acceptable standard, we wouldn’t have any problem with domestic terrorist threats. People would be too happy with the status quo to want to change or harm it!

  2. Frank Ch. Eigler says:

    “… by killing innocent people in Iraq …”
    Now what if 99%+ of those dead at the hands of American forces
    are not actually innocent?

  3. gee frank, even though 99%+ of iraqis are not rich americans, i still like to apply the american standard of “innocent until proven guilty by a jury of one’s peers” to this situation. i don’t remember any courts deciding that these dead iraqis are “guilty” (guilty of what? guilty of being iraqis? guilty of sitting on a whole lot of crude oil that rich americans want to possess? guilty of not being liked by GW and his cronies?).
    or have you forgotten about the atrocities committed by american soldiers against iraqi citizens? it must be terrible to be so arrogantly blind to reality.

  4. vanderleun says:

    It’s called a “war.” You could look it up in the OED and read for comprehension.