London Update: One Thousand Dollars (That I Don't Have) Later ..

I DID IT! I made reservations for a hostel in London in the W1 post code (I hope it is not a high crime area) and the total cost for 10 nights is $288.16 (£146.00) and my roundtrip airfare is $700 on Air India.
My goal is to write essays and add images to my blog while I am there, so I hope that you Londoners add your favorite free wifi location to the map so I can use them when I am there!


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0 Responses to London Update: One Thousand Dollars (That I Don't Have) Later ..

  1. eandjsfilmcrew says:

    That location is fine. I stay frequently in the neighborhood (though not in a hostel). You’ll have a blast, but you’ll spend way more on food in 10 days than on accomodation.

  2. david1947 says:

    I really hope you will have time to spend at least two days at the museums, not far from where you are staying. One for the Natural History, and one for the Science. Extra credit – see if you can find the connecting door between them on the 4th floor (English numbering – 5th floor American). When I was young, there were floors of interactive exhibits, dioramas, model railroads, real steam engines, beam pumps from mining days, etc etc. The grandfather of science museums. Hopefully modern PC ideas of teaching, or litigiousness, have not corrupted it.

  3. david1947 says:

    Oh yes, one caveat: due N of the hostel, past Berwick St, is probably good to avoid late at night. You are heading into the strip club section. OK to explore daytime, the area also has (had?) lots of odd little shops tucked away in unobvious corners. Lisle St for example used to be the nerd haven, with its mix of electronic surplus stores and science fiction bookshops. In some ways I got more of my practical education wandering around there than I did in schoolrooms.
    Museums: next to Imperial College, take the tube to South Kensington station. Walk North. Enjoy.
    Caveat on the caveat: it’s been over 15 years since I last walked the area. Central London used not to change much. That may have changed.

  4. DeafScientist says:

    Now that you’re there, don’t waste time on us, eh?! 🙂 Spent it on being in London. After all, there is a chance you might not get back to see it again for a while.

  5. Anna says:

    I am so impressed. I couldn’t find a plane ticket for less than a grand. Ouch. The benefits of living in NY include cheap airfare, apparently!